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நீங்கள் படித்துக்கொண்டிருப்பது :  விளம்பர பிரிவு   
தொகுத்தவர்:இதயக்கனி எஸ்.விஜயன்

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Ithayakani is a non political unbiased magazine. We are also having a web magazine and lot of advancements are made in www.ithayakkani.com for the better viewership for the new fans of M G R. The most astounding thing happening is the newer generation who had born after the heavenly abode of M G R i.e., after December 1987 are also becoming greater disciples of M G R. Ithayakkani and Tamilaga M G R manitha neya manram, regularly conducts the birthday celebrations of late MGR and those celebrations are widely covered and print and visual media.

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